Friday, June 21, 2013

final battle

hey guys

I've attended my last class which is FAR450, lectured by Dr Loo. She said something that still spinning round in my head. "You guys have to find a momentum to study or else, it will be just like u have to start everything over again." You know, it was just frightened me. I can't find those momentum. My final exam is just around the corner. I did performed well in some of subject i've take. and yang few subjek i did so bad. teruk. entah lah. this should be my very last semester. kalau i do not pass all papers, i will be here again. :(

Ok i don't find that my post for this time will be motivating me. So jom tukar mode. Kelas tadi is my last class. And as a small token of my appreciation, I want to name all my beloved lecturers, yang tahan dengan perangai kami 8F ni.

Mdm Eley Suzana Kassim - MAF640
Dr Loo Ern Chen - FAR450
Mdm Afidah Sapari - FAR600
Mdm Khair Syakira Bustamam - AUD610
Sir Azmi Joned - MAF635
Mdm Hamidah Bani - MAf680
Mdm Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Nawawi - FIN610

I hope we will meet again, in the future, and perhaps when the time comes, we are no longer in lecturer-student relationship. No. All of you will be remembered in my prayer. I promise.

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