Monday, May 9, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu

Ibu, ibu, engkaulah ratu hati ku~

Pada hari yang mulia plus bahagia ni, aku nak wish happy mothers day to my beloved mommy, Norizan Abdul. She had wonderful hand which help me at all times. She had wonderful eyes, starred at me with her love. She had everything that I need so I should wish her thank for been here, for me.

If I could wish something from God, I wish to have her, and my whole family to stay by my side, forever. You're the thing that I need most. Minta maaf, kalau anak mu yang comel ini telah dah pernah menyakitimu. hehehe.

Kalau aku jadi mak satu hari nanti, aku nak anak aku wish something special untuk aku

PS, mak saya tak baca belog ini. Actually the things that I say to my mom on Mother's day are more precise, short and sincere, Its between mom and me. One short word, saya sayang mak saya

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